Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

As a responsible corporate citizen, we at Green Tech Environmental Company strongly believe in the values of CSR. CSR is an integral part of our core company policies, which guides the way we operate our businesses countrywide. On a business level,

Green Tech Environmental Company aims, where possible, to develop local capacity in the country with a view to developing expertise locally. We provide equal opportunities to women in case of employment, because we trust that women, with their dedication, commitment, and intellectual expertise, can add great value to the company. In line with our policy of being open, transparent and accountable for our businesses, we practice high standards of business ethics in every stage of project management.

Green Tech Environmental Company stands strongly against the concept of undue activity in business dealings.

This practice has enabled Green Tech Environmental Companyto achieve a unique brand image among its clients and has made it earn a respectable position in the society.

Through our CSR practices, we are promoting responsible business practices and supporting the sustainable growth and development targets of our people and communities.