Environmental Parameter Assessment

Green Tech Environmental Company  is a diversified organization established in 2015 operating in Bangladesh. We provide various services according to client’s demands. We provide a comprehensive range of professional services with highest standard & accuracy in Ambient air emission, Stack Emission/Point source Emission, Indoor work place air emission, Temperature, Humidity and noise pollution assessment, engineering control, Environmental Monitoring and OHSE policy development.

Green Tech Environmental Company has a fully equipped environmental laboratory having the facility to analyze all types of Air Emission, Indoor work place air, Noise, Light, Temperature & Humidity assessment & water quality parameters.

Bangladesh is earning substantial amount of foreign currency by exporting industrial products. These industries are Textile dyeing & Washing, Garments, Ceramics, Cement, etc. These industries involve with environment pollution and require environmental clearance from DOE under ECA 1995 & EPR 1997. A technical and skilled consultancy in the field of environmental management is necessary to support the above industrial sectors specially the RMG sector to undertake their Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Design mitigation measures and provide environmental monitoring services which are mandatory under the above rules.

Green Tech Environmental Company has been entered in this field to provide environmental Laboratory and consultancy service with a variety of skills backed by sound knowledge and experienced team effort and open minded to new and original ideas and modern concepts of environment. The personnel of “Green Tech Environmental Company ” are well experienced and general in most of the fields associated in developing the modern world and its Environment.